• the practice peace project


  • practicing peace...

    ~the practice peace project is about creating a peace-filled lifestyle for youth, adults, families and communities fueled by intentional acts of compassion, love, respect and wisdom.


    by practicing inner and outer peace we can:

    • ~heighten the natural sense of awareness and curiosity within by giving     attention to the breath.
    • ~support an active practice of mindfulness that allows greater access to   the everyday joys of wisdom & wellness in our daily lives.
    • ~experience our thoughts, feelings and emotions in ways that inform &     support healthy behaviors and relationships.
    • ~develop deep insight so we are more free to be, give and experience        true happiness with a mind/body connection.
    • ~serve our community with volunteer work that uplifts and supports.
    • ~express peace and love for our local and global earth communities to      bring joy, justice, and wellness to the world.


    meditation and music

  • who we are

    ...eternal energies aligning with peace, love and well-being.  

    jylani ma'at 

    curator of peace and well-being

    "We can never obtain peace in the outer world until we make peace with ourselves."

    ~Dalai Lama XIV


    As a veteran educator, jylani ma’at, brings years of experience working within public, private, and independent schools. She is extremely deliberate about integrating diverse, children’s literature and culturally relevant content into the programming.


    Her work with the youth and the community of adults that support them reflects opportunities to connect mindfulness to spiritual, mental and physical wellness. Social justice and issues of global competence are frequent themes that encourage preliminary and deeper contemplation.


    As a woman, mother and teacher of African descent, jylani takes pride in creating space for both her cultural heritage and expression to be an integral part of her mindfulness

    practice. Jylani encourages and facilitates programs that offer every participant the opportunity to fully see themselves in the moment and to honor their culture in their practice as well.


    jylani views mindfulness as a tool for peace, wellness, justice and education. She believes the more connections we make to our practice, the greater the realization for peaceful connections with others around the world.



    Sharing mindfulness, meditation, and movement with inclusive, diverse and underserved communities. Other specialties include: working with youth in underserved environments, teachers, administrators, school staff, community outreach, social justice agendas, one-on-one, and diversity practitioners.


    Mindfulness and Meditation Trainings Received & Affiliations 

    AMI Montessori

    Palouse Mindfulness

    YoKids Yoga

    Mindful Schools

    Sarah Wood Vallely

    Holistic Life Foundation


    Trish Magyari

    Koru Mindfulness

    Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN)

    Mind Body Awareness Project (MBA)

    California Vipassana


    The Mindful Life Project

    Omega Institute

    Garrison Institute

    Yoga Nidra Teacher Training with Tracee Stanley and Chanti Tacoronte-Perez

  • with both the light and the darkness, there is balance.

  • meditation

    1:1 sessions

    in-person or via teleconference

    ~curate deep and intentional moments working on your breath.

    ~connect the mind & body with sensory awareness.

    ~discover different techniques for your evolving guided and silent practice.

    group sessions

    in-person or via teleconference

    ~share calm and intentional moments working on your personal             practice within a group dynamic.

    ~allow the group energy to enhance your awareness and sensory           perceptions.

    ~discover the benefits of group dynamics and guided meditation

    ~great for: families, schools, clubs, organizations, retreats.

    yoga nidra

    in-person or via teleconference

    ~find peace in the stillness of the body and attention to the breath.

    ~allow the mind to rest in its quiet connection with the body.

    ~observe the sensations within with ease and equanimity.

    ~great for: individuals, families, schools, clubs, organizations, retreats.

    *black lotus rising enrichment & empowerment programs for girls in the juvenile justice system and in community.

    PLEASE SUPPORT THIS PROGRAM. DONATE at https://www.gofundme.com/lovingOURdaughters

    and... www.misssey.org

    ~embrace reality while working toward self-empowerment.

    ~allow the mind to reconnect with the body and engage in self-love.

    ~observe the sensations within with ease and equanimity.

    ~embrace the mind and the heart with a literature based series called, A Revolutionary Summer. Check: www.arevolutionarysummer.com

    ~provide post-release support, mentoring and encouragement

  • mindfulness

    ...developing daily awareness and curiosity within youth, families and communities.

    1:1 sessions...

    deep noticing. self compassion. acceptance.

    ~discovering and embracing a lifestyle that heightens awareness and curiosity; embraces one's inner knowing; encourages mind/body connections; and examines the internal narrative while developing self-compassion practices.

    group/circle sessions...

    allowing. connection. community. 

    ~ restorative and healing circles.

    ~sharing authentic experiences in safe spaces where compassion and non-judgement reside.

    ~practicing full presence, deep listening and expansive heartfulness.

    ~youth, family, community, schools, professionals, etc.

    parenting mindfully...

    patience. forgiveness. wisdom. love. self compassion.

    ~practicing full presence, breathing meditations and self compassion.

    ~allowing emotional + judgmental feelings that arise to be held, gently.

    ~acknowledging limits and behaviors that do not serve

    ~applying the lens of loving-kindness and embodying compassion as a mindfulness practice + more.


    awareness. systahood. design. empowerment.


    A Day of Self Compassion


    Women & Wellness

    SUMMER 2019!!!

    SF East Bay Area

    Los Angeles


    New York

    Martha's Vineyard



    Sacred Systas Weekend Retreat


    COMING FALL 2019!!!

  • when & where

    the workshop & retreat happenings...

    parenting mindfully@

    ~The Parent's Circle,

    Oakland, CA

    ...JUNE 2016

    ~Private Organization, Oakland, CA

    ...MAY 2016

    ~Grattan Elementary School PTA, San Francisco, California

    ...APRIL 2016


    Sacred Systas' Weekend Retreat


    COMING FALL 2019!!!



    youth empowerment@


    ~Orange County Public Schools

    6 Week Session

    Westminster Middle School

    ...March-May 2019


    ~Private Organization,

    4-6 week sessions,

    Alameda County, CA

    ...June/July 2016


    ...an intro to meditation for Emerging Adults/College Students@


    ~Koru Mindfulness,

    4-week session,

    Los Angeles, California

    ...Oct 2019


    ...Mindfulness and Instruction for Educational Profressionals@


    ~Orange County Public Schools

    Professional Development 6 Week Series

    Westminster, California

    ...March-May 2019


    ~Alameda County

    Daylong Professional Development Workshop,

    Oakland, California

    ...July 2019


    ...Women of Color Mindfulness Circle@


    ~The Tree South LA

    Second Sundays of Each Month

    Los Angles, California

    ...beginning March 10, 2019



    Welcome to your monthly brave space for systahs like you (inclusive of trans & nonbinary folx) to practice in heartfelt community & sacred kinship. Come on ova, sys. Let's heal together in a space for us by us.


    One Saturday per month, we'll meet in a peaceful private residence in Los Angeles from 10a-12p (see schedule).


    As the event is in a beautiful private garden, we intend to keep this first sit intimate; this is currently an invite only event. You received an invite because we have witnessed your beautiful energy and spirit in person, and we'd love to for you to share your spirit with our other existing members. As the event grows in time, so too will the opportunity for others to join.


    Contact the hosts with any accessibility needs!


    Your Hosts:

    Chris Johnson (they/them) is a certified yoga teacher, yoga nidra facilitator, and reiki master teacher with an M.S. Ed in Social Justice Education. They live to nourish the trees that bear the fruits of freedom by building sacred, radical, and educational communities that harness the power of ancestral wisdom and give us the courage to surrender to the divine feminine, to nature's grace, to fearless creative expression, and to nonviolent connection."


    Jylani Ma'at (she/her) is a certified mindfulness instructor, certified yoga nidra facilitator, and educator, and CEO of Black Lotus Rising. She lives to lovingly touch sōls. Spirit put a lot of loving, Earth wisdom in her to share with the world. It may not always look the way folks want it to look and that’s okay. She's living by the beat of her own ancestral drum, praying to do no harm, and working to guide folks toward their Sacred Divinity.


    RSVP here: https://mailchi.mp/085f9bc1bb37/systahsits


    Suggested offering of $10; No one turned away for lack of funds.

    RSVP site includes multiple $$ entry points + option for no $ energy exchange. Simply ask the hosts how you can contribute. Cash option available. Please give at the highest level you are able.


    Want to sponsor a systah in need? Become an Accessibility Angel and offer $20.




    Emerging Adults (17-26yo), are you ready to learn some techniques to help manage your stress? Are you ready to live a healthier life? Do you know any emerging adults who feel under pressure? Judge themselves harshly? Have trouble sleeping? Please share this opportunity. 🌱

    Register here: https://dashboard.korumindfulness.org/web/index.php?r=course%2Fsignup&id=2679



  • ...if you'd like to follow or work with us, please reach out via facebook, email or the contact form below.